Year : 2015 | Volume : 3 | Issue : 3 | Page : 159 - 159  

Retired but not tired

Lasting memories of the job I take along

My eyes full of tears and fog,

A demagogue in me seems subtly far

Is that going to leave an eternal scar?


Salary to me was once a birth right

Pension now seems a distant luxury

The bank casher suddenly behaves pathetically

Why this inexorable vagrancy?


An arbitrator set my cards right, an Armageddon settled finally

When in a crowded bus I made my posture felt,

Front two rows reserved for senior citizens

Preposterous attitude, a child in me yelled


My colleagues follow me even now

When question arises of tax limit and 80C

As a boss I streamlined jobs and tasks

Alas, a sweet memory of this dominion virtually masks.



My second innings house looks gracious and glorious

My achievements stuck to the wall

I think of adding a couple more

Before I experience an eternal fall


Hobbies I never had leisure to develop I cherish now

Friends who admire find time to poke me somehow

When I am saddened with isolation I take to books

For the greyish race it’s as fair as it looks


My mind wonders as I refuse to surrender

As each birthday goes strolling by

Superannuation is compulsory with age

Retired not tired is written bold on life’s every new page.


Dr. Sagar Borkar

Associate Professor of Community Medicine

KVG Medical College Sullia DK 574327 Karnataka



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