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A study of visual outcome of phacomorphic glaucoma

Venkataratnam P 1, Srihari Atti 2, S Mahendra 3

1Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Osmania Medical College (Govt.), Hyderabad, India

2Professor of Ophthalmology, ACSR Govt. Medical College, Nellore, SPSR Nellore (Dt.) AP

3Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Osmania Medical College (Govt.), Hyderabad, India

Corresponding author:



Background: Lens induced glaucoma are phacomorphic (closed angle) or phacolytic (open angle). Its definitive treatment after the control of the high intraocular pressure and inflammation is cataract extraction alone or combined with a filtration surgery.

Objective: To evaluate the Visual outcome of Phacomorphic Glaucoma, a common cause of ocular morbidity.

Methods: Participants were Seventy two patients in a tertiary care hospital for both urban and rural population. Seventy two eyes of patients clinically diagnosed as Phacomorphic Glaucoma were treated. Demographic data and the Duration of the symptoms before presenting to the hospital were noted. Intraocular pressure and Visual Acuity were recorded preoperatively and postoperatively. Small Incision cataract surgery with posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL) implantation was done after the control of intraocular pressure. Postoperative complications were noted. The data was analyzed by simple statistical methods.

Results: Mean age was 61.6 yrs. RE in 38 (52.7%) and LE in 34 (47.3%) were involved. 53 (73.6%) were Rural and 19 (26.4%) were Urban. Duration of the presenting symptoms before reporting of the patients to the hospital was < 1wk. in 44 (61.1%) with 6 (8.4%) within 48 hrs and 38 (52.7%) after 48 hrs - < 1 wk. and > 1 wk. in 28 (38.9%). The Mean IOP was 46.3 mmHg preoperatively and 13.5 mmHg postoperatively. Visual Acuity preoperatively was PL doubtful in 9 (12.5%), PL + ve in 46 (63.8%) and HM - < 3/60 in 17 (23.6%) and postoperatively was <6/60 in 17 (22.2%) and >6/60 in 56 (77.8%). Postoperative complications were Striate Keratopathy in 11 (15.3%), Anterior Uveitis with membrane on IOL in 5 (6.9%), posterior capsular tear in 5 (6.9%) and Zonular dialysis in 5 (6.9%).

Conclusion: This study showed that the effective control of preoperative IOP and inflammation was important for a better visual outcome.

Key words: Phacomorphic Glaucoma, Lens Induced Glaucoma, Senile Cortical Cataract, Intraocular pressure, Visual outcome


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