Year : 2020 | Volume : 8 | Issue : 1 | Page : 10 - 13  

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Prevalence and risk factors of text neck syndrome among medical students

Kokiwar PR1*, Ch Shruthi2, Vaishnavi I2, Kavya Sirisha S2, Keerthi Manognya2, Md. Ghouse2, Shaikh Sajid2, Shravya G2, Tejaswini S2, Snigdha P2, Mounika S2

1Professor & HOD, 2Interns, Department of Community Medicine, Malla Reddy Institute of Medical Sciences, Suraram, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

*Corresponding Author                                                                                                                                  



Background:  Mobile phone and other similar gadget use are now part of our life and it has acquired as an essential position in our life. It cannot be avoided. But judicious use is possible only after the severity of the problem is understood and risk factors are identified.

Objective: To study the prevalence and risk factors of text neck syndrome among medical students of MRIMS

Methods: This was a cross sectional study carried out among 306 medical students of one medical college. Data was collected in the pre designed, pre tested, and semi-structured study questionnaire developed based on the extensive review of literature. The questionnaire was given to the medical students and they were asked to submit after half an hour. Attempt was made to ensure that all questions were answered. Chi square test and Students t test was used for statistical analysis.

Results: Almost 85% of students agreed that their virtual life orientation was affected. About 1/3rd complained of stiffness sometimes, 57% of users suffered from headaches sometimes. 1/4th suffered from numbness and weakness sometimes. The prevalence of pain in males was more i.e. 76.4% compared to 37.3% among females. The pain was significantly more in standing position (60%). The pain was found to be significantly more (68.9%) when the gadget was held at abdomen level.

Conclusion:  Almost all students used some or the other gadgets. But the use was actually misuse as it has affected majority. Disorientation of virtual life, stiffness, headache, pain was very common. Pain was associated with position and level at which the gadget was held.

Key words: Text neck syndrome, prevalence, risk factors


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