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Volume 3, Issue 2 , July to September2015


A study of surgical profile of mastitis in postnatal women 89
P Kameshwari Prasad, Srinivas Yerrapragada, Subhashini, Shobha Balakrishna

Clinical and hematological profile of patients with severe aplastic anaemia 92
E. A. Ashok Kumar, P. Jijiya Bai

A Histopathological study of benign ovarian tumors 97
Sradhanjali Maharana, Pujitha Devi Suraneni

A study of fungal infections in ear, nose and throat 100
V. Venkateswarlu

Early results of treatment of idiopathic club-foot using Ponseti method 104
Prabhakar YVS, Srinivasan N, Zakir Ahmed, Natesh K, Arun Vontela

Carcinomas of skin –different approaches in the management 109
Sarath Chandra A, Bhaskar Reddy KV, Ranga Reddy MV, Raja Lingam K, Yugandhar GR

A Clinical Study of Etiological and Epidemiological profile of Fungal Keratitis following Trauma 112
Srihari A, Srinivas Prasad K, Venkataratnam P, Gupta A, Vijayaleela M5, Sambasiva Reddy P

A study of Pulmonary Function Tests in type II Diabetes Mellitus 116
Vinayak Shegokar, Shalini P Agrawal, Prashant R Kokiwar

Incidence Of Different Lesions In Brain – 2 Years Study In A Teaching Hospital In Telangana, India 121
Veena Kumari L, Navatha Vangala

Bacteriology of chronic suppurative otitis media and its complications 125
Grishma Kulkarni, Ajit Damle

Analytical study of leg ulcers and surgical management 130
G. Lakshmi Narayana, Shiv Rama Krishna Rao M

A study to assess serum and tissue levels of sialic acid and hexosamine in keloids 134
Girija Menon M, Moinuddin SK, Sampath Kumar V, Farhatunnisa

The study of risk factors in the development of postlaparotomy incisional hernias - a study from tertiary care centre 138
Laxmana Sastry G, M. Siva Rama Krishna Rao, Swathi

Ultrasound and magnetic resonance cholangio-pancreatography correlation in biliary disorders 142
Siva Prasad A, Sandeep J

Use of antibiotics in non – perforated appendicitis 147
Sarath Chandra A, Rajalingam K, Rama Mohan Rao

A clinical study of connective tissue diseases 150
Sandeep Kodali, L.V.N. Reddy, M. Lavanya, Kotha Sravanthi, N. Nagendra Chary

Malabsorption Syndrome Caused By Strongyloides Stercoralis Infestation: A Case Report 156
Sudhir Kumar Vujhini, Narendra Kumar Narahari, Panduranga Rao Sanagapati, Mahesh Kumar Kandukuri, Vardhaman Y



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